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Team Lioness

We Are a Proud Supporter of Team Lioness

Team Lioness is an all-female ranger unit of 16 Maasai women dedicated to anti-poaching efforts and protecting wildlife. The members of Team Lioness are picked based on the completion of high school, academic accomplishments, physical fitness level, passion for wildlife conservation, leadership skills, and integrity. Because the Maasai are a patriarchal society, women are prevented from attaining leadership roles and making decisions. Ranger units are reserved for men, making Team Lioness a unique organization that promotes female empowerment. Did you know that wildlife spend 70% of their time on land outside national parks? Team Lioness patrols Maasai land that surrounds Amboseli National Park in Kenya, making sure that poachers do not exploit any gaps that arise from wildlife crossing land boundaries.
(photo taken from IFAW)

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