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Love Is Project

We Are a Proud Partner of Love Is Project

Love Is Project partners with local artisans to design beautiful bracelets emblazoned with a single word: love. Why love? Throughout the world, people have different cultures, live in different places, and speak different languages. Despite all these differences between individuals located around the world, love is one thing that remains constant. Love is a common thread that connects us all and this idea is the main motivation behind Love Is Project. The LOVE bracelets create a social movement around the world, connecting the maker and wearer in a common bond of love. 

These bracelets are all handcrafted by local Maasai artisans in Kenya and look absolutely stunning in addition to their positive impact. For example, the flip-flop bracelets are environmentally friendly because they are made from recycled flip-flops that have been washed ashore. These flip-flop bracelets create jobs for local artisans and clean the beaches!

The bracelets have been worn by celebrities such as Anne Hathaway and Brooke Shields and featured on Shark Tank, Oprah Magazine, Oprah's Favorite Things O List in March 2022, Glamour, Good Morning America, Today Show, NBC Bay Area, Elle, InStyle, Refinery29, Univision, The View, CNN, and the Buyer's Choice Award at the Museum Store Association show in May 2022.

(photo taken by Love Is Project)​

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